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Färnebofjärdens national park

Special rules apply in national parks. Use the link to read the regulations:


Welcome to our beautiful national park! Keep in mind that there are certain rules that you must know and follow within the park. Here are the most important rules for visitors:

You must not pick, gather or dig up plants. However, you may pick berries and edible mushrooms for your own use.
Camping is only permitted in designated places.
You must not light a fire anywhere except at designated campfire areas. However, you may use camping stoves and barbecues.
You must not break branches, cut down trees or otherwise harm living or dead trees or bushes.
You must not operate a motor boat or other motorized craft at a speed in excess of 7 knots, except in areas where a 12 or 20 knot limit applies.
You must not use water skis or similar equipment with motor boats.
You must not bring dogs off their leads into the national park.
Motor traffic, riding and cycling are only permitted on roads.
Certain areas are out of bounds between 1 January and 31 July. Respect any signs.
You can fish if you have a valid fishing license.
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In order for everyone to enjoy nature, we need to take care of nature and wildlife and show consideration for landowners and others who are outdoors. We can sum this up with the phrase ”Don´t disturb – don´t destroy”.

The right of public access applies both on land and water. You may swim by the shore, boat almost everywhere, moor your boat and spend a day or two on board. Do not moor your boat or go ashore by a dwelling or where there is no admittance. Do not paddle close to birds or animals to photograph or to approach them. If you have to carry or pull a canoe between waterways, do not cross people´s plots or fields.

Fire bans are common during the summer when the risk of forest fires is great. At such times you must not light upp a fire, not even in campsite fireplaces. At tourist offices and canoe rental outlets you may find out if fire bans are in effect. Even if they are not, there might be a fire risk. If the fire spreads, call the fire brigade on the emergency services number 112.

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Keep an eye on the fire risk on fire risk maps or the app BRANDRISK Ute.
MSB, the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, has an app that you can download on your iPhone, iPad or Android to get information about where there is a risk of fire. Between March 1 and June 1, provides information on the risk of grass fire, and between 10 April and 31 August, on the current risk of forest fires.
Download the app “BRANDRISK Ute” from the App Store or Google Play.

Fire risk maps
On you can check the risk of fire in the forest by looking at fire risk maps. This page is available in several languages.

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