Tourist attractions and activities

3 Museum i Stationshuset

Olof Krantz museum showcasing work of local painter.
Railway Museum, Sala-Gysinge-Gävle railway history from beginning to end.
Nora Hemvärnsmuseum, museum dedicated to Sweden’s first home guard.

Älvåsa Fritidsgård

Recreation center with mini golf, café and overnight accommodation. Event evenings.

Årängsån, kanotled

The canoe trail along the Årängsån river starts at Buskasjön's bathing area and winds its way through bird- and game-rich nature down to By school. About 4 km easy paddling.

Äventyrsservice: Gysinge & Färnebofjärdens utflyktsservice

"Adventure service": Rental of canoes, MTB, tents, fishing and other outdoor items, hot tubs & saunas. Pitches for mobile homes. Guide-led tours,

Avesta Kanotcenter

Avesta Kanotcenter is located in By Kyrkby in open, tranquil countryside a few hundred meters from By Lake. We offer canoe & camping gear rentals and hostel accommodation.

Baptistkyrkans Loppis och Stuguthyrning

Baptist Church flea market and cabin rental. Out-of-the-ordinary flea market with an emphasis on the human encounter.


Bårhällarna are inscriptions in stone carved in the 1960s.


Fishing, boat rental, accommodation, cottage rental. Traditional, comfortable and well-equipped two-storey rural farm house with lake views from all rooms.
The house has 4 rooms with 8 beds.

Blomsterlycka Gård

Shop & seasonal café. Cut flower cultivation with self-picking.


This fire truck museum was established with EU funding and support from the county council and the municipality.

By hembygdsgård

By Hembygdsgård, the pearl of Bysjön.
This place has a number of old buildings which have been moved here. Here you can just take a rest or order a coffee or lunch when the café is open.

By Kyrka (By church, By Kirche)

By church from 1793 is beautifully situated on a ridge overlooking the lake Bysjön.

Bysjöholmarna Naturreservat

Explore the fascinating By Lake islets! Some of the islands are part of the esker ridge that extends both north and south of the crossing with the Dalälven River.

Falkuddens Camping, Café och Stugby

The campsite is small and cozy, has a beautiful view of Lake Bysjön. Child-friendly sandy beach with jetty. Also 13 cottages. CAFÉ with sandwiches, pies etc. Motor boat, canoes for rent. Open all year

Färnebofjärdens Camping

A scenic family campground renown for its pleasant environment and comfort by the clear waters of the Dalälven River.

Färnebofjärdens Nationalpark

“Limes Norrlandicus”, the biological northern border and the meeting ground for southern and northern flora and fauna, runs through the National Park.

Forneby Hill Bed & Car

Forneby Hill Bed & Car is located in Forneby outside Möklinta, about 25 km north of Sala.

Fullsta Naturreservat, Fullsta Ängar

Scenic natural surroundings with juniper-clad hills, a rich birdlife and unusual flora.

Galleri BLÅ

The art gallery offers exhibitions, surrounded by lush fruit trees and close to nature. On top of the gallery, the artists have their studios.

Getgårdens Café

Summer open on some weekends. Coffee among goats overlooking the lake.
Also bike rental, boat rental, and flea market.
Year-round Airbnb with up to ten beds.

Gysinge Centrum för Byggnadsvård

Here you will find materials and furnishings that make it feel like home. For real. We offer a carefully selected range of genuine goods for active building maintenance.

Gysinge Herrgård

Hotel & restaurant. Next to river Dalälven you will find Gysinge Manor dating back to the 17th century. A place for meetings, weddings, parties as well as for those who want to relax and enjoy life.


Hagudden, which was named a Favorite Spot by the Uppland Foundation, has a picnic and barbecue area surrounded by old oak trees.

HIP, Hantverkarna i Prostgårdsflygeln

Crafts, weaving, smithy, and meeting place for amateur painters. Local crafts for sale.

Högmossens Naturreservat

A small nature reserve with wooded marshes, pine and spruce trees and basement rock forest.

Ingbo Källor och Kvarn

Springs and mill in stunning and mythical natural surroundings.


Railway bridges
Walk across the river on the old arch rib bridges built in 1900.

Koversta Gammelby

Enjoy homemade baked goods and stroll through the lovely centuries-old village. If you’d like to see the buildings from the inside, please book a viewing. Guided tours should be booked in advance.

Kungshögs Fäbodar

The Kungshög fäbod traditional summer cottages are believed to date back to the 1600s, and were mentioned in texts written in the 1720s.


Fire tower from 1929.


700-meter-long footbridge between Hagudden and the bird-watching tower out on Nordmyran.

Lammön vandringsled

Part of a long ridge, about 1,5 km.

Lars Pers i Fors

Farm-fresh produce for sale: goat cheese, honey, marmalades, beer sausages made from goat meat, and more.

Messkogs Kolarkoja

At the end of the small gravel road past the summer pastures, you will find Messkog Hut, the home of charcoal burners working in the forest in times gone by.

Michaela Åhlbergs Islandshästar

Micaela Åhlbergs Islandshästar offers training courses for Icelandic horses and riders of all levels.


Welcome to our canoe center. With us you can rent kayaks and canoes or join us on a guided tour of the Färnebofjärden National Park. The rental is mobile.

Näs Idrottsplats

Football pitches, tennis court, clubhouse. Exercise tracks, exercise round.

Naturreservatet Kungshögshällarna

Fifteen acres of old gnarled pines on basement rock covered with pillow-like areas of reindeer moss edged by blueberries, lingonberries and Arctic starflower. At the top, you’ll find the old fire towe

Naturum Färnebofjärden

Visitor center for Färnebofjärden National Park. Here you will find out more about the area's animals, plants, geology and cultural history. Lectures and theme nights are also offered.

Nora Hembygdsgård

Antique tools and buildings of cultural and historical interest.

Nora Kyrka och Församlingshem

The present-day church was built in 1786 and is the third church building in Nora.


Bird-watching tower over floodlands. To the south are wide footbridges accessible by strollers/prams and wheelchairs.

Östa Naturreservat

Hiking trails and paths. Bogs, marshes, ancient forests and long sandy beaches.

Österbo Fäbodar

Stay overnight in a traditional Swedish fäbod pasture cottage along the old Church Road.

Österfärnebo Kyrka

Kyrka från 1800-talet.

Råsbo Motorcykelmuseum

Råsbo Motorcycle Museum showcases over 40 motorcycles, many unique, as well as mopeds and novelties.


Main entrance of the National Park in Sevedskvarn, offers parking, visitor information and toilets, including one disabled accessible toilet. There is also an easily accessible nature path with infor

Skekarsbo Utsiktstorn

The nearly 20-meter-high tower offers a lovely view of the National Park

Solbacka Bygdegård

We have two halls available for events. Such as whisky-trying or live-performanses.

Sov på Tåg i Tärnsjö

Train consisting of two converted sleeping cars, a dining car and a steam locomotive. Located next to the open-air museum in Tärnsjö.

Stilla Upplevelser - Se det stora i det lilla.

Stilla Upplevelser’s concept emphasizes mindfulness, humility and respect.

Storbyns Ryttare

Storbyns Ryttare have horseback riding groups for all ages and levels, from beginning to advanced, led by our experienced and highly trained riding instructors.

Svarthälls fäbod

Reconstructed summer pasture. The inauguration is expected to take place in the summer of 2021.

Tångans Naturreservat

The nature reserve has traces of older forest fires, likely set to facilitate forest pasturing. Charcoal was also burned here.


Well-maintained courts in lovely ironworks environment. Rackets and balls available for rent. Booking through Gysinge Wärdshus tel. 070-761 97 73.

Typografiska Museet

Visit our Museum of Typography for a fascinating journey back in time with the printing arts. The museum is housed in premises owned by Västanhede Trä & Järn hardware store.

Vandringsleder på Mattön

Hiking trails on Mattön, Gysinge: Kungsslingan 1 km. Bändan 4 km. The first 300 m of the loop is accessible. Starting from the main entrance on Mattön.

YMSA Secondhandbutik

At YMSA, you can sell or donate things you don’t need anymore. Everything is sold on commission and the proceeds go to Österfärnebo Development Group’s work in the district.